AVL Installation Technician

Denver, CO

Vision for Role  

The Summit AVL Technician is responsible for executing various installation practices, across a wide  range of projects, often from start to finish. They work alongside other members of the Summit Install  Team on the road and locally to execute all installation details as effectively & efficiently as possible.  AVL Technicians thrive in a hands on environment, get after tough problems head on, and have a strong  desire to grow, learn new things, and develop themselves to a higher standard. The Summit Installation  Team requires AVL techs to be self-motivated, driven by results, and able to meet the goals and  expectations set by our customers, directors, and foremen; A resilient attitude is a must!  


• (Installation Integration) Complete ALL SIS onboarding procedures, DOT, and Safety Certifications. 

• (Installation Integration) Complete AVL Technician Basic Training within 90 days of Hire. 

• (Installation Integration) Maintain a full set of personal tools and clean job site at all times. 

• (Installation Integration) Execute basic construction skillsets pertaining to Large scale AVL system integration; construction fundamentals, rigging/fabrication, drywall & masonry methods, etc. 

• (Installation Integration) Become proficient in a wide range of Installation Practices; Wire Pull,  Rigging, Installing Audio, Video, & Lighting Equipment, Raw wire terminations, Rack-building, etc. 

• (Installation Integration) Verify work with the site Foremen, Lead Technicians & Assembly team to  ensure we deliver a consistent product that meets or exceeds the Summit Standard.

• (Installation Integration) Utilize & Update all required spreadsheets, drawings, to do’s, and internal  communication avenues. Communicate problems and/or changes to the site Foreman effectively. 

• (Installation Integration) Transport Installation Materials & Equipment from the Summit Warehouse to  Job-sites across the US. This includes driving trucks and hauling gooseneck trailers when needed. 

• (AVL Technician Training) Engage in the SIS evaluation & Tech Labs training program. Understand  what The Summit Standards are and strive for excellence at all times.  

• (AVL Technician Training) Maintain regular interaction with other AVL Techs, Leads, Foreman, Project  Managers & Engineers to stay attune to what is happening throughout the organization. 

• (AVL Technician Training) Actively assess and refine individual skillsets to maintain and further our  technical advantage; Remain coachable and trainable in the field.  

• (AVL Technician Training) Regularly attended SIS Engineering training & development workshops. 

• (Team Development) Attend regular one on one meetings with The Install Team Leader to  understand individual expectations and communicate your own personal needs. 

• (Team Development) Provide insight and feedback “from the road” to the Install Team leader to  continue to improve the quality of life for the AVL Technician team.  

• (Team Development) Encourage positivity and create a culture of Hard Work, Humility, and Care for  others. Actively engage with other team members to develop relational currency and understanding. 

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