CloudWork Pro

CloudWork Pro


Find Vetted On-demand IT Service Field Techs

CloudWork Pro is a two-sided marketplace solution that includes a web-based and a mobile application to help companies connect with on-demand field service technicians to perform installations, services calls and preventative maintenance. The priority matching algorithm uses customer-defined project specifications to generate an On-Demand Workforce composed of the best qualified techs for each project site location. The platform offers a simple and intuitive user experience for sourcing, vetting, dispatching and paying technicians. With just a few clicks, customers can spin up multi-site projects and dispatch technicians across numerous locations across the US and Canada. 

All of the Technicians are thoroughly vetted and screened in order to be accepted into the network. Once accepted techs are able to find work, apply and negotiate for jobs that match their qualifications through the mobile-native marketplace and workflow management application. It's just that simple.

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