Wise Components, Inc.

New York, United States

Wise Components, Inc. is a stocking distributor of electronic components, low voltage cabling, connectivity products, tools and test equipment. Founded in 1975, Wise Components has never lost sight of its mission which is to provide customers with a high standard of service and reliability. We strive to meet our customers'​ expectations with on-time, quality deliveries. In an effort to continually improve the service level, Wise Components has implemented a Quality Management System that is certified ISO 9001:2015.

Our business mission is simple:

Meet customers’ expectations by delivering quality products on-time, and defect free. We partner with our customers in understanding their delivery requirements. Wise Components is able to stage the materials clients’ need, and deliver locally with our own trucks and vans.

Wise Components has an on-going Quality Review System that ensures our business systems are functioning effectively and efficiently. Our system goes beyond incoming inspection. We continuously audit our business procedures and review all reported errors.