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Work Oder: LTE POTS Replacement (Basic Installation)


Title: Installation of LTE POTS Line Replacement / Cutover - ADVANCED TELECOM PROS ONLY

Type: Telcom /VoIP


Work Categories

Type of work: Information Technology / Communications: Telecom / VOIP



This job entails installing POTS Line Replacement equipment at the customer’s business location in their telecom room. This equipment includes a 4G Cellular Router, so cellular wireless experience is a must. After the equipment is installed, you’ll test all new phone lines. Once phone lines are operational, you’ll also be responsible for cutting over the OLD POTS lines (Customer’s Inside Wiring) to the new POTS Lines via the newly installed RJ21X (66 Block).



Equipment Required:

·      Mobile Smart Phone w/ Camera

·      Laptop with connection to the Internet

·      Cellular Wireless Signal Tester

·      Telco Butt Set / Analog Phone

·      Telco Toner and Line Tester

·      66/110 Punch Down Tool

·      Telco phone wire

·      Drill / Screwdrivers

·      Wire strippers

·      Zip ties

·      Label Maker

·      Permanent Marker (Sharpie)


Tasks to be Completed:

1. Equipment to be installed will be shipped directly to you.

2. Confirm Appointment 24 hours prior.

3. Bring Equipment to be installed with you.

4. Check in when you arrive at Site Survey Location

a. Mobile App

b. Onsite Contact

5. Take Photo of Outside of Building

6. Locate Telco Room

a. Take pictures of entire room (wide-angles)

b. Locate Telco Wall (picture)

c. Locate & Identify 2 ft x 2 ft space for equipment to be mounted (picture)

d. Locate & Identify Available Power Outlet (picture)

e. Locate & Identify current RJ21X (DEMARC) where current POTS lines are delivered to the Telco Room (picture)

7. Take cellular signal readings where Mounted Equipment will go.


8. If signal strength is Fair to Poor, then Locate & Identify a location to mount an extended antenna or router that has Good to Excellent signal strength within 300 feet of the telco room. (picture)

9. Mount equipment on the Telco Wall. (4 Screws for the Telco Box and 2 Screws for the 66 Block).

10. Plug the Power Adapter into the Available PERMANENT Power Outlet (Not a Power Strip).

11. Open the Telco Equipment Box and TURN ON the Battery Switch.

12. Wait for all devices to come ONLINE and for each phone line to register (you’ll see each telephone line light up on the ATA with a BLUE Telephone icon and a number next to it.

13. Use your butt set to check for dial tone for each NEW PHONE LINE on the NEW 66 Block (RJ21X DMARC).

14. Test OUTBOUND and INBOUND calls to each of the lines.

15. Double check to make sure you have completed all tasks.

16. Check out with On-site Contact. 

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