Cable Installation

Location: Houston, TX


Anybody in Houston looking for work this week?

I've got 175 cat6 drops I need run. Continuous drop ceiling through out, hollow walls with metal end caps ... above the grid the ceiling space is a little congested, so I got batwing jhooks to mount to wire hangers in the ceiling above the hvac and all the crap ... keep our stuff away from the mess ... I'm double booked this week so looking for some experienced cable runners to help me get these drops run.

DM me if your available. High end client so I need guys who will do a good job and make it look great. Price is negotiable, but as i was planning to do it myself, there's not a lot of room. I have access to the building 24/7 so overnights or days, whatever works. I will meet with you and assist as much as possible, but I have another install in Galveston that has been delayed 3 weeks and of course is now an emergency, so I'll be working days there.

I have a steady stream of work and if I can develop reliable relationships, there will 100% be more work just like this in the future, plus change orders, plus available work in more than just networking (satellite systems, TV systems, fiber splicing, etc.). Hit me up if your available and ready to rock!!

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