Cable Laying and Access Points Installation

Location: Norcross, GA


Are there any specialists in low voltage systems near Norcross, GA, or in the surrounding areas? I need assistance with laying cables and installing access points at a hotel. While I could deploy my team from Mississippi for this the one-way travel time is approximately 6 and a half hours, so I'm exploring the possibility of collaborating with someone in the local area. The hotel currently uses an older Ubiquiti system, and I plan to upgrade the gateway, the POE switch, and the access points. There is the possibility of more jobs down the road as this client owns a number of hotels. We need someone who has some experience with networking as well. I will be happy to pay for a site survey to get a quote done if someone needs to take a look at the job. Please message me with your qualifications, and I'll share more information about the scope of work. Our e-mail also is if you prefer to reach out to us via e-mail. The job would likely start in somewhere in the range of 2 to 3 weeks if not sooner (depending on shipping).

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