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Talent Acquisition Director

We are CUSI, a collection of companies in the Construction, Electric, and Tech space serving the giants in food service, hospitality, retail, and more—think Chipotle, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, and Embassy Suites. That’s all well and good, but what does that actually mean? Basically, we help growing companies who are replicating sites hit their construction go-live dates on time and on budget. Their national footprints require single point-of-contact project management, in-house w2 labor consistency, and high-quality work regardless of scope. There’s one problem with delivering on all of this while using people that actually work for us. We need more people… a lot more people.

We’re different. Let’s start off by saying the irony of recruiting a recruiter is definitely not lost on us. So, we’re skipping the song and dance you’ve undoubtedly seen countless times in your career—not to mention your own job hunt—and getting right to the point. We’re guessing that carbon copy shortlist of jobs you have saved somewhere doesn’t exactly fill you with inspiration. Yes, they’ve given you a neat bullet point list of your future responsibilities, but that’s it. And, my friend, that is it. Here at CUSI though, your role will be more than just—well—filling roles. You’ll be an indispensable part of one of the fasting-growing companies in Columbus, Ohio. You’ll be crucial in propelling us from 100 to 200 employees by the end of the year. You’ll be an essential part of growing our network of acquisitions, new locations, and partnerships. You’ll be ‘another synonym for vital.’ You get it.

Enough about us. You’re a Talent Acquisition Director who always finds the right puzzle piece and never uses the rogue one that doesn’t really fit but kind of has the right pattern. You’re an inherent people person who views company structure from the bottom-up, top-down, and sideways to get the full picture of how every role affects the other. You have a High School Diploma or equivalent (required), a Bachelor’s degree (preferred), and 5+ years of experience recruiting in commercial construction, low voltage, and/or electrical. Simply put, you put the “Talent” in “Talent Acquisition” and you know it.

What you’ll be doing.  

·        Strategize on strategy. Our ever-expanding company requires a nailed down and effective talent acquisition program and team. You’ll build, implement, and manage these, ensuring sustainable partnerships and people pipelines are at their foundation.

·        Know the needs. You’ll collaborate with hiring managers across departments and locations to fully comprehend their needs and wants for future team members.

·        Create job descriptions. Understanding the value of capturing the right candidate’s attention, you’ll create engaging job descriptions (cough, cough) and post them within the ATS.

·        Search and rescue. Using all the methods at your disposal—including social media, networking events, job fairs, and more—you’ll find a handful of best fits for everything from hourly roles to management positions, screen them, and forward them to the hiring managers.

·        Find the right tools. There are several systems and tools—like HRIS—that can be valuable assets in streamlining your responsibilities. We always encourage using the software, programs, and tech available to us.

·        Keep candidates happy. The flow from sourcing to interviewing should be as streamlined and stress-free as possible for our candidates. Why not show them the CUSI difference from the start?

·        Engage with employees. Our current employees—and your new hires—deserve your attention too. Conducting employee satisfaction surveys to gauge their needs and ensure retainment will be a vital part of your role.

·        Traveling and not traveling. Sometimes you’ll need to travel to various career and job fairs across the country. And sometimes you’ll be in our office headquarters or working remotely from home.

·        General Talent Acquisition Responsibilities. These are all self-explanatory to such a talented individual as yourself, but we figured we’d throw them in anyway.

o  Understand CUSI’s mission and values and integrate these into your Talent Acquisition program

o  Analyze data and recruiting trends and deliver reports to management when needed

o  Employ consistent and effective communication regularly and throughout all levels of the company

o  Keep up to date on job posting sites, interviewing methods, and current employment laws

Seeing as you made it this far, we’re assuming you’re the kind of Talent Acquisition Director we’ve been searching for. So, if becoming the backbone of our company’s growth and success sounds appealing, please reach out because we’re waiting to hear from you.  

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